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27 February, 2010
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(C)/Rajrappa/Tender-68 (09-10)/ 1229
Dated: 24/02/10
Maintenance of Regional Store shed under GM Unit, Rajrappa Area 05.03.2010 10.03.2010 (12:00 PM) 12.03.2010 (4:00 PM)  
B & K DCME/E&M/Tender/09-10/9146
Dated: 25/02/10
Repair & Maintenance of CFI lamp with fittings at Subhas Nagar Colony in r/o Kargali OCP at B&K Area 17.03.2010 (10 AM) 18.03.2010 (4:00PM) 26.03.2010 (4:30PM)  
B & K DCME/E&M/Tender/09-10/9143
Dated: 25/02/10
Re-organisation of lighting power line 440 Volt and proper cradling at Subhas Nagar Colony in r/o Kargali OCP, of B&K Area”. 17.03.2010 (10 AM) 19.03.2010 (4:00PM) 26.03.2010 (4:30PM)  
Argada SO (E&M)/AA/ 2009-10/ Tender-Web-14/ 2370-820
Dated: 25/02/10
1.Fabrication of rail pole by fixing fish plat, welding and making holes for bolting (10 Mtrs. Each) of Gidi-A.
2.Dismantling & fabrication erection of n.R.C.R.A. Greezly by old & new materials AT Gidi-Washery. 3.Fabrication erection & repairing work of worn out materials, grizzly column plat, counter weight structure, slack chute & rail grizzly platform and discharge chute of slack & steam at 3rd point of Gidi-Washery.
4.Complete repairing/rewinding of 5 MVA, 33 KV/11 KV Transformer Make Andrew Yule, Sl.No.10754 of Sirka Group of Mines.
04.03.2010 (10 AM) 08.03.2010 (3:00 PM)  09.03.2010 (4:00 PM)  
26 February, 2010
CRS CRS/SO(C)/BRK/TN/09-10/1477
Dated :23/02/10
Repair & Maintenance of One Unit 2A (2A-1) and 3 Units 2B (2B-4,12 & 15) of Officers quarters for shifting purposes of Officers at N.T.S, Barkakana. 05.03.2010 08.03.2010 (11:00AM)  10.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
Kuju  GM(K)/E&M/T-18(Hire Ambulance)09/1634 Dated : 22/02/10

1. Hiring of Ambulance Van with driver to cater found the clock need /requirement of Sarubera colliery( Dispensary) (Cost of petrol price re_imbursement will be made by company.
2. Hiring of Ambulance Van with driver to cater found the clock need /requirement of G.M.(K) Dispensary (petrol price re_imbursement will be made by company.
16.02.2010 19.03.2010 (5:00PM) 20.03.2010 (4:00PM)  
Kuju "GM(K)/Admn/116/Stn.Tend /09-10/4783-90
Dated : 25/02/10
supply of Stationery/Survey materials for Kuju Area
11.03.2010 15.03.2010 (4:00PM) 17.03.2010 (4:00PM)
25 February, 2010
Rajhara GM(RA)/Civil/Tender/2009-10/ 3888-3900 Dated:20/02/10 Construction of boundary wall at Hisry Coal Dump near Chandwa for Tetariakhar OCP. 15.03.2010 18.03.2010 (5:00PM) 20.03.2010 (4:00PM)  
Rajhara GM(RA)/Civil/Tender/2009-10/3901-13 Dated:20/02/10 1.Development of Coal Dump at Hisry near Chandwa for Tetariakhar OCP.
2.Construction of Weigh Bridge foundation at Hisry Coal Dump for Tetariakhar OCP.
3.Construction of approach road for Coal Dump at Hisry near Chandwa for Tetariakhar OCP.
16.02.2010 04.03.2010 (5:00PM) 06.03.2010 (4:00PM)  
Kathara GM(KTA)/ SO(C) / Tender / 10 / 2610
 Dated: 24/02/10
1.R/M of P.O. Office with covering of verandah grill at Jarangdih colliery.
2.R/M of 30 beded main Hospital at Jarangdih colliery.
09.03.2010 12.03.2010 (1:00PM) 15.03.2010 (4:00PM)  
24 February, 2010
B&K SO(C)/B&K/KG/Tender/2009-10/973 Dated:11/02/10 Repair & maint.of 50 units M.qrts., at Sunday Bazar of Bokaro Colliery
24.02.2010 26.02.2010 (4:00PM) 02.03.2010 (3:00PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4501 – 15
Washing, painting & misc. repair including wearing coat, repair of sheeting partition wall along transformer shed, railing on front platform etc. at General club under CGM Unit, Piparwar Area. CGM- 04.03.2010 08.03.2010 (5:00PM) 10.03.2010 (12:30PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4542 – 56
Construction of drain beside 1003 conveyor of OCP Piparwar under Piparwar project. 15.03.2010 18.03.2010 (5:00PM) 20.03.2010 (12:30PM)  
Argada SO (E&M)/AA/ 2009-10/ Tender-Web-13/2242-66
1.Dismantling, repairing & erection of bottom thumbler and head thumbler shaft assembly of 355 (A&B), barrels of screens of 303 (ABC), 343(A) and drive drum set of main washing plant of Gidi-Washery.
2.Fabrication,erection and replacement /repairing of worn out pipes of process water, media, slurry pipes of main washing plant -03 of Gidi-Washery.
3.a) Dismantling of rear side reclaimer complete set of 402 ‘A’ slack belt and changing of its four-wheel along with bushes & erection of the same of Gidi-Washery.
b) Strengthening of conveyor structure of 404 B and changing of side guard and fabrication erection of discharge chute at Gidi-Washery.
c) Repairing, fabrication, erection for strengthening of 402 slack ‘A’ belt structure with replacement of worn out rollers brackets fabrication erection of discharge chute of 402 ‘A’ slack at Gidi-Washery.
d) Changing of 50 mtrs. Old & worn out reclaimer rail of 402 A slack belts, strengthening of 402 ‘B’ & 404 ‘A’ slack belts snub drum supporting M.S.Structure arrangement of side guards in 404 slack ‘A’ belt conveyor at Gidi-Washery.
4.Re-wiring of different types of 18 nos.quarters of Argada Colliery." SO-EnM-A-10-2242-66
 02.03.2010 04.03.2010 (3:00PM) 05.03.2010 (4:00PM))  
 Barka-Sayal GM/B-S/Tender/Civil/09-10/ 9467
1.Cleaning & removal of waste materials Such as shale/ stone etc, from coalStock yard and CHP Bunker and transporting the same up to dump of Bhurkunda colliery
2.Cleaning & Katcha drain and Pucca drain and Repair maintance of Pucca drain of Patratu water works of staff colony under Sayal ‘D’ colliery.
26.02.2010 04.03.2010 (5:00PM) 05.03.2010 (12 Noon)  
23 February, 2010
HQ-CMC CGM(CMC)/Gidi Ws/2010/471
Modification of Gidi Washery to conform technological requirement of non-Coking Coal Washing on Turn-Key basis: The work includes Planning,Design & Engineering,Selection of necessary equipment & machineries Procurement,Delivery,Fabrication,
Erection,"Civil & Structural works including Installation of Equipment,"Testing & Trial runs,Successful Commissioning including Performance Guarantee Tests and finally Handing over the plant in satisfactory operational condition ralated to Proposed Modification of Gidi Washery.
24.02.2010 (10:00AM) 15.03.2010 (5:00PM) 30.04.2010 (4:00PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1808-19
1.Repairing / replacement of Power distribution and rewiring of damaged cable and pipes of Power supply line and earthing of Air Conditioners at CGM unit, Piparwar Area.
2.Repairing and maintenance of electrical wiring with replacement of damaged materials at Panchawati Room No.13,14,16,18,25,33,36,40, 49,22,23,42,28,48,20, 45,47 &49 of Piparwar Area.
3.Reconditioning of damaged of 440 volt OH line from Panchawati to R/ Hospital and feeding power to R. Hospital under CGM unit, Piparwar Area.
03.03.2010 05.03.2010 (5:00PM) 06.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(Civil)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/ 4517-31
Repair and Maintenance of 20 Nos. untype Qtr. including provision of Toilet at Nahan Ghar Bachra under Bachra Project. 04.03.2010 06.03.2010 (5:00PM) 09.03.2010 (12:30PM)  
22 February, 2010
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1772-83
1.Erection of 6.6kv OHTL from upcoming 4201 TSS site to Quarry 1 boundary at Piparwar Project, Piparwar Area
2.Rewinding & repairing of 2 (two) nos. 200KW,3.3kv, 1490RPM, Toshiba make, induction motor Sl. No.292, Body Punch and Sl. No.355(punched) of Piparwar Project
02.03.2010 04.03.2010 (5:00PM) 05.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1784-95
1.Extension of 220volt lighting line for proper illumination of haul road from Benti Nallah Rump house to 250mtr. ahead of pit office of mine of Ashok Project.
2.Shifting of existing 3.3kv OH line tie line of feeder no.1 & 2 and 220 volt lighting line to clear the area of OB excavation near thena village under Ashok Project, Piparwar Area.
02.03.2010 04.03.2010 (5:00PM) 05.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1796-1807
Complete overhauling, repairing and assembling of one spare FMG make KZO-320 make Gear Box for feeder Crusher of Ashok Project. 02.03.2010 04.03.2010 (5:00PM) 05.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
Hazaribag CGM(H)/SO(C/Charhi/2009-10/ 277 Dated:17/02/10 1.Construction of PCC Road from 45 No.kanta towards south side(270 mtr length)at Tapin south under CD(9-10)
2.Construction of PCC Road from Basantpur village under CD(9-10)
3.Making steps and allied works of existing
Chhath pond at PEOCP under CD(9-10)
4.Repair of 34 nos. B Type qrts. at RRW /shop
colony of Kedla washery.
02.03.2010 04.03.2010 (1:00PM) 05.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
Kuju GM(K):C:NIT: 856
Const.of 15 nos. Isolation Stopping in panel-I at 3C incln. of Sarubera(East) Colliery. 04.03.2010 10.03.2010 (1:00PM) 15.03.2010 (12 Noon)  
20 February, 2010
HQ-MM CAL/0192K9/01/010/BKS/A WELDING SET FULLY THYRISTORISED.   09.03.2010 10.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
HQ-MM CAL/0192K9/01/10/010/BKS R.C. HYDRAULIC JACK 50T, 100T & HYDRAULIC JACK MOBILE 200T.   10.03.2010 11.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Barka-Sayal GM(BS)/AGM(BS)/NIT/09-10/ 9325
1.Construction of 13 Nos. of Ventilation stopping at Bansgarha seam to establish a new Return airway in old workings and maintain adequate and efficient intake air in present working district of maindip.
2.Construction of 7 nos. isolation stopping in Hathidari and Bansgarha seam for sectionalisation of X-cut section at mine no.6 of Sayal-D.
 24.02.2010 10.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 12.03.2010 (12 Noon)  
19 February, 2010
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4474 – 88
Special repair & maintenance of 7 nos. ‘B’ type & 6 nos. Type ‘A’ in Dhamdhamia colony (Purnadih) under Ashok project. 04.03.2010 08.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 10.03.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4459 – 73
Special repair & maintenance of 33 nos. MQ quarters in Dhamdhamia colony under Ashok project. 08.03.2010 11.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 13.03.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4444 – 58
Construction of two Rooms with verandah at Shishu Vidya Niketan, Billari under Bahera panchyat under C.D. scheme Piparwar Area. 25.02.2010 02.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 03.03.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Hazaribag Rel/PE (E&M)/V/Tender/09-10/298
New covered Jeep like Bolero, Tata Sumo, Victa or Similar covered jeep. 05.03.2010 11.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 12.03.2010 (4:30 PM)  
Kuju GM(K):C:NIT: 846
1.Water supply arrangement at Karma Project, Kuju Area.
2.R/M of 8 unit C type qrtrs. at Ara.
3.Repairing of septic tank & misc. sanitary work at Ara Collr.
4.Repairing of colony road (PCC) near M.Qrtrs. at Sarubera Collr.
02.03.2010 06.03.2010 (1:00 PM) 08.03.2010 (4:30 PM)
18 February, 2010
Rajhara GM(RA)/Civil/Tender/2009-10/3769-80 Dated:16/02/10 Construction of 2 nos. well with 8’ dia and 40’ depth at Village at Village Kumrang Kala and Ursu of Amrapali OCP. Tandwa (C.D.work). 22.02.2010  24.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
HQ-Medical M.M. (P)/GNH/09 – 10/R[II] – 31/ ORTHO ITEMS ORTHO ITEMS
27.03.2010 01.03.2010 (5:00 PM)) 30.03.2010 (2:30 PM)  
HQ-Medical M.M (P)/GNH/09 – 10/ M – 07 / HIRING OF AMBULANCE [Retender] Hiring of Brand New Maruti Ambulance Van with driver to cater round the clock need/requirement of Gandhinagar Hospital 17.02.2010 15.03.2010 (1:00 PM) 17.03.2010 (3:00 PM)  
Barka-Sayal GM/B-S/Tender/Civil/09-10/ 9255
Construction of fan house and fan drift for Urimari (U/G) under sayal ‘D’ Colliery 06.03.2010 12.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 13.03.2010 (12 Noon)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/ Excv/Tender/10/369
Repair/rebuilding of one no. 10 cum
Bucket Assy of P&H 1900AL Shovel No.Exc-536.
02.03.2010 04.03.2010 (4:00 PM) 05.03.2010 (4:30 PM)  
17 February, 2010
B&K GM (B&K)/SO (P&A)/Tender/Ambulance/2010-13/249 Dated:13/02/10 Ambulance 02.03.2010 03.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 04.03.2010 (4:30 PM)  
B&K GM (B&K)/SO (P&A)/Tender/NSP/ Stitch-Unif./B&K/08-09/244
1.Coat Black Serge short buttoned up
2.Trouser Black Serge
02.03.2010 03.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 04.03.2010 (4:30 PM)  
B&K GM (B&K)/SO (P&A)/Tender/LV/Scorpio/GRD/10-13/250 Dated:13/02/10 Jeep-SCORPIO with A/C 02.03.2010 03.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 04.03.2010 (4:30 PM)  
Rajhara GM(RA)/Civil/Tender/2009-10/3747-58 Dated:16/02/10 1.Construction of Pit Office at Amrapali OCP, Tandwa. 09.03.2010 11.03.2010 (4:00 PM) 13.03.2010 (4:00 PM)  
HQ-MM MM(P)/1.3/Bottom Bit (Geology)/288 /09-10 Bottom Bit. 
  16.03.2010 17.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
HQ-MM MM(P)/SNM/CCL/Tyre Retreading materials/(Class-45)/203/R/09-10/ Tyre Retreading Materials as per ANNEXURE-G   17.03.2010 19.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(E&M)/Hiring/09-10/795
Construction of Pit Office at Amrapali OCP, Tandwa. Hiring of 13 Nos. Diesel Jeep ( 12 Nos. closed hard top body) like Bolero /Marshal/ Tata Sumo/ Tata Safari / Scorpio /Mahindra Sawari/ Mahindra MAX./ Mahindra Sawari and 01 No. (closed soft top body) like Commander jeep) on hire basis for use of Rajrappa Area. 08.03.2010 10.03.2010 (4:00 PM) 12.03.2010 (4:30 PM)  
Barka-Sayal GM(BS)/AGM(BS)/NIT/Sand/C.SND/2010/9188 Dated:16/02/10
Collection of course cleaned sand free from any admixture of earth & other foreign materials from the bed of River Damodar including quarrying and loading into trucks from the same and transporting up to colliery sand bunker/ stock yard at Saunda Colliery.
(Distance 5 K.M. to 6 K.M)
22.02.2010 06.03.2010 (4:00 PM) 08.03.2010 (4:00 PM))  
16 February, 2010
HQ(E&M) GM(E&M)/WB/TenderAMC/09/514-36 Dated:11/02/10 Annual Maintenanceof 100 MT Rail Weighbridges
Annual Maintenance of 100 MT Rail Weighbridges
22.02.2010 11.03.2010 (1:00 PM) 11.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/Pers/Stationery/10/ 718
supply of stationary items for Rajrappa Area
22.02.2010  24.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 25.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(C)/Rajrappa/Tender-65 (09-10)/1190
Making RCC protection wall drain culvert towards mechanical workshop near PS-5 in plant area under Rajrappa Washery Project 05.03.2010 10.03.2010 (12 Noon) 12.03.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(C)/Rajrappa/Tender-64 (09-10)/ 1189
1.Repairing of sanitation work in hospital colony at Rajrappa Area (MQ 561 to 568 & 553 to 560 ).
2.Day-to-day cleaning of colony drain at Rajrappa Area for a period of 12 months.
3.Making brick soling path way along railway track for movement of guard and poter from winch house to end of rail track total length 800 mtrs. under Rajrappa Washery Project.
19.02.2010 24.02.2010 (12 Noon) 26.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(C)/Rajrappa/Tender-60 (09-10)/1159
Construction of community hall for the villagers of Chilam Tongri / Dhatwa Tand under CD Scheme 2009-10 Rajrappa Area 25.02.2010 05.03.2010 (12 Noon) 08.03.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Argada SO(C )(A)/Tender/09-10/ 1192
1.Sanitation work of different colonies at Gidi’C’
2.Repair/replacement of pipe line & valves for different colonies at Religarah.
3.Repair of 50 nos septic tank inspection chamber & drain for 10 units in different type of qtrs. in ifferent colonies art Gidi Washery.
4.Construction of steps in the pound of under CD at Tehra Tand village at Gidi-A
5.Construction of PCC road at Tehra Tand under CD at Gidi-A
26.02.2010 02.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 04.03.2010 (3:00 PM)  
15 February, 2010
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(Civil)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/ 4357-70
Providing and fixing 3' dia hume pipe culvert at different place of Piparwar mine. 23.02.2010 25.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Braka-Sayal GM/B-S/Tender/Civil/09-10/ 8859
1.Construction of two rooms for School at Tongri Tola near Sayal Project under CD scheme at Barka Sayal Area.
2. Extension of Chhath Ghat at Saraiya Tola near Sayal Project , under CD scheme at Barka Sayal Area
22.02.2010 26.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 30.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Braka-Sayal S.O.(E&M)/BS/Tender/Hiring- Brand New Bolero Jeep/Bhurkunda/09-10/8855
Hiring of one Brand New Bolero Jeep including supply of Diesel & Lubricants by Contractor. 22.02.2010 25.02.2010 (1:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (3:00 PM)  
Braka-Sayal GM/B-S/Tender/Civil/09-10/ 9034
Filling of Subsidence area at surface over panel No. IX of Lower Semana seam of Bhurkunda – B Colliery 16.02.2010 22.02.2010 (5:00 PM 23.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(E&M)/Misc/09-10/781
Operation and guarding of different types of pumps installed at filter plant including guarding of pipe line from filter plant to Bhera River pump house at Rajrappa Area (period from 1/4/10 to 31/3/11). 26.02.2010 01.03.2010 (4:00 PM) 02.03.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(E&M)/Misc/09-10/773
Operation, guarding of Pump House ( Bhera River Pump House) for water supply to Rajrappa Washery Project ( Period from 1/4/10 to 31/3/11) 23.02.2010 25.02.2010
(4:00 PM)
26.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
B&K GM(B&K)/SE©/CD/T/2009-10/73 Dated:06/02/10 Construction of one Room with verandah on 1st floor at Devi Mahto College at Nawadih under C.D. Scheme in 2009-10 17.02.2010 19.02.2010 (1:00 PM) 20.02.2010 (12 Noon)  
Rajhara GM(RA)/E&M/NIT/LV/09-10/553 Dated:13/02/10 Hiring of One No. Truck (8 to 9 tone capacity) 04.03.10 09.03.2010
(2:00 PM)
11.03.2010 (2:00 PM)  
Rajhara SE(E&M)/RA/TN/09-10/46
Rewiring of South Side Building of G.M. Office Rajhara Area , Bachra and making 8 Nos. earth pits for all the office building separately for earthings of computer and continuous earthing in wiring. 16.02.2010 18.02.2010
(2:00 PM)
23.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Hazaribag CGM(H) SO(C)Charhi/2009-10/ 262
Dated :06/02/10
Repair & maintenance of Sharmik Chikitsalay Building at Prem Nagar of PEOCP. 13.02.2010 16.02.2010 (1:00 PM) 17.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
Kathara "GM(WS)/BCW/SO(E&M)/Tender/KTW/09-10/508

 Replacement of the existing Coal Tank along with its support structure perforated plates, associated pumps base, suction pipe and delivery pipe upto 0-0 level and lining of both conical and vertical portion of New Coal Tank of section-II in Hydro Cyclone Section at Kathara Washery. 15.02.2010 22.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 24.02.2010 (11:30 AM)  
11 February, 2010
Piparwar SO (MM)/PPR/09-10/NIT/ 174
Dated: 05/02/10
Procurement of high tensile nuts & bolts for day to day maintenance work at CHP/CPP, Piparwar.     25.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO (MM)/PPR/09-10/NIT/ 178
Dated: 09/02/10
Procurement of Light Fittings for Piparwar area.     04.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO (MM)/PPR/09-10/NIT/ 177
Dated: 09/02/10
Procurement of spares for P&H 1900AL Shovel working at Piparwar Project.     02.03.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1729-40
Dated: 09/02/10
Hiring of 02 (two) nos. NEW Bolero Jeeps per day Basis for Piparwar Area. 23.02.2010 25.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1716-28
Dated: 09/02/10
 Installation of Bay of Bus Bar System of 11kv at 10MVA substation under Ashok Project, Piparwar Area. 23.02.2010 25.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1705-15
Dated: 09/02/10
Revival of existing 200 pair telephone cable between DP box at Primary School near Ray Colliery & near Garrage across the Jhula Pull, Piparwar Area. 18.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
Piparwar  SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1658-69
Dated: 09/02/10
01 Installation of 100KVA, 11kv/440 volt transformer in 3 MVA substation alongwith erection of 1 span 11kv OH line and making of 1 no. transformer shed under Piparwar Project
02 Erection of 11kv OHT Line from 2x10MVA CHP-CPP(4211) substation to dump hopper (route length 1.35km) including fixing of 2 nos. GOAB & horn gap fuse set for feeder Breaker at Piparwar Project, Piparwar Area.
18.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1670-81
Dated: 09/02/10
Painting of washed coal stockpile tower of lighting and Dunmp hopper lighting tower including earthing under CHP-CPP, Piparwar Area.
18.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1682-92
Dated: 09/02/10
 Rectification and renovation of post light at Sangam Vihar Colony under CGM unit, Piparwar Area 18.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1693-1704
Dated: 09/02/10
Repairing of damaged 220volt lighting line and maintenance of remaining line at Kalyanpur rehabilitation site and provision of street light fittings for proper illumination under Ashok Project. 18.02.2010 20.02.2010
(5:00 PM)
22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Rajhara SE(E&M)/RA/TN/09-10/344
Dated: 09/02/10
Revival of U/G telephone cable (20 pair and 10 pair) feeding for telephone connection of GM Office, Rajhara Area, Bachra at 4 no. old UG Mine Campus. 18.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Rajhara SE(E&M)/RA/TN/09-10/345
Dated: 09/02/10
Drawing of 440 volt OHline, 5 wire System for Power feeding and campus lighting in GM office, Rajhara Area at Bachra. 18.02.2010 20.02.2010
(5:00 PM)
22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
10 February, 2010
North Karnpura GM(NK)/E&M/Tender Notice/09-10/6687-6712
Drawing / Erection of 3.3 KV grade Overhead Transmission Line (440 Mtr) for Feeding Power to Electrical Equipments in Quarry (From Switch House near Pit Office to Coal Bed) under Purnadih. 17.02.2010 20.02.2010 (12 Noon) 22.02.2010 (12 Noon)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4218 - 33
Providing Garland drain & Hume pipe culvert in Patch ‘A’ mine near Bijain nallah under Ashok project. 17.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM)  23.02.2010 (12:30 PM))
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4275 -89
Repairing of Road with PCC near D.G. shed & back of Bachra middle school under CHP – CPP. 26.02.2010 03.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 05.03.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4290 -4304
Repair & maintenance of Qtrs. – 34 units at 1BR colony under Bachra project. (Phase – I) . 03.03.2010 06.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 08.03.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Dhori GM(D)/S.O.(E&M)/Tender/09-10/ 786 Dated:04/02/10 House wiring in ‘B’ type double Stories quarters no.B/33 to B/56 Of Block no.5,6,&7 located at R.H.D.colony of Dhori Area. 23.02.2010 25.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (4:30 PM)  
Kuju GM(K):C:NIT: 787
1.Rep./Replacement of water supply system at Kuju Collr.
2.Rep. & Renovation of G.I.pipe line & fitting of B type, M.Qrtrs.,C&D type qrtrs. at Sarubera.
3. R/M of main pipe line at 96,48 & B type colony at Ara Collr.
4. Const. of 04 nos. Isolation stopping at VII seam incln. at Kuju colliery.
19.02.2010 24.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (4:30 PM)  
CRS(CS) CRS/SO(C)/BRK/TN/09-10/1400 Dated:08/02/10

1. I. Repairing & Heightening of drainage and Sewerage chamber near football ground at CRS, Barkakana.
II. Repair & Maintenance of 1C quarters (1,2,5,16,32,89,92,103,118,140,177,
276,312,316 & 320) 15 Units at N.T.S, Barkakana.
III. Extension of Two rooms at F.F. of Arya Samaj Bal Mandir at CRS Barkakana under CD Programme.
IV. Making 02 Nos. Ashman Ghats at CRS, Barkakana under CD Programme for village Damodar Ghat and Lalki Dhasana.
V. Providing PVC water storage tank in place of damaged brick masonary tank in qtr. 1C-163 to 164, 1C-196 to 202, 1C-204 to 215, 1C-327 to 338 and 1B Block No.72,73,67 and 68 ( 57 Units) at N.T.S, Barkakana.

2.Rep. & Renovation of G.I.pipe line & fitting of B type, M.Qrtrs.,C&D type qrtrs. at Sarubera.
3. R/M of main pipe line at 96,48 & B type colony at Ara Collr.
4. Const. of 04 nos. Isolation stopping at VII seam incln. at Kuju colliery.
19.02.2010 22.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 24.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
09 February, 2010
Kathara GM(WS)/SO(T)/BCW/T/KGW/10/1179 Dated:07/02/10 Transportation of Reject by contractors tipping trucks for beneficiation of reject from BSI old stock site for feeding to deshaling bunker of Kargali (ws) via check post No.5 and road weigh bridge no.4 and loading by contractor’s Pay loader and un- loading mechanically after weighment at Kargali Washery weigh bridge no.4.
Period :- One year. Distance 2-3 KM.
18.02.2010 24.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 27.02.2010 (11:30 AM)  
Kathara GM(Ws)/BCW/S.O(C)/Tender/09-10/454 Dated:28/01/10 Patch repair of road from Gyatri colony more to CPP Railway crossing at Kathara 13.02.2010 17.02.2010 (1:00 PM) 18.02.2010 (4:30 PM)
Kathara GM(WS)/BCW/SO(E&M)/Tender/
Renovation/ Modification of 3 nos conveyors for feeding the product from Deshaling Plant directly to Clean coal bunker at Kargali Washery. 18.02.2010 04.03.2010
(5:00 PM)
06.03.2010 (11:30 AM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/ASO/Tender/Fir Extng./10/835
Repair & Refilling of Portable Fire Extinguishers of different sizes & capacity at Rajrappa OCP. 10.02.2010 17.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 19.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
CMC(HQ)  CGM (CMC)/OBR/Brk-Sayal/2010/479 Dated:04/02/10 Hiring of HEMM such as Shovels, Hauling Trucks, drills, dozers, water sprinklers etc. for removal of strata including top soil, soil earth, alluvium soil, various rocks, blasted rocks, loose rocks/soil and blast hole drilling in all kinds of strata, excavation, loading, transportation, dumping, spreading and dozing of specified places and water spraying on the haul road as per instruction of Project officials of Area/ Project at Sayal ‘D’ OCP outsourced patch of Barka Sayal Area of CCL for a period of Seven months. 17.02.2010 08.03.2010 (5:00 PM) 12.03.2010 (3:00 PM)
Argada SO (E&M)/AA/ 2009-10/ Tender-Web-12/ 2038-61
1 Dismantling, fabrication, erection and strengthening of Plant platform of of Section No.02, conveyor junction & loading point both upper and lower floor at Gidi-A CHP.
2. Extension/Erection of 3.3 KV & 220V O/H Line for 3 nos. seam departmental patch of Gidi-A Colliery.
3. Dismantling and laying of 6” dia 600Mtrs. GI Pipe for one additional 4th delivery range for dewatering purposes and rearrangement of 6” dia delivery range for quenching of fire of coal seam at Religara Colliery.
4. Rewiring of 14 nos. different types of quarters of Regional Stores, Gidi-A.
17.02.2010 20.02.2010 (3:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
North Karnpura SO(C)/NK/Tender/2009-10/3044
Trench Cutting and Sump Cutting in Intake No. 1 and Intake No. 2 at Damodar River under GM Unit, NK Area . 11.02.2010 15.02.2010 (12:30 PM) 16.02.2010 (4:30 PM)  
CRS(CS) CRS/SO(C)/BRK/TN/09-10/1361
I. Making earthern / moorum road along outer boundary wall in campus of Scrap yard at C.R.S, Barkakana.
II. Flooring of space behind the Tyre Shop and Transmission Shop for Storage of unserviceable used Tyres at CRS, Barkakana.
12.02.2010 15.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 17.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
HQ(TA)  Dy.GM(TA)/Tender/2009-10/Elect/GNC/DHC/10692-703
1. Re-wiring of 2A/type quarter(33 nos) at GNC
2. Re-wiring and providing and fixing of light fittings at Geology deptt at DHC
3 Re-wiring of “DAV School at GNC
15.02.2010 20.02.2010 (1:00 PM) 23.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
08 February, 2010
Hazaribag P.O.(K) /E&M/ Hiring of Amb/CLOSED BODY/KUGP/292-324
Ambulance 2 -Closed Body D.Jeep 
22.02.2010 24.02.2010 25.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Piparwar SO (MM)/PPR/09-10/NIT/ 170
Procurement of spares for P&H 1900AL Shovel working at Piparwar Project
    25.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO (MM)/PPR/09-10/NIT/ 172
Dated:04/ 02/10
for LHD Machine of Ray-Bachra Under Ground Mine.     25.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
Argada GM (A)/E/Tender Notice/Stationery/09-10/ 17450-76
Supply of Stationery Articles for Argada Area for the year 2009-2010 06.02.2010 (10:00 AM) 19.02.2010
(4:00 PM)
22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)
 BCW GM(WS)/SO(T)/BCW/T/KTW/10/ 1151 Dated:04/02/10 Loading of Clean Coal / Washed Coal Power into railway wagons from RLB emergency stock yard of Kathara Washery by contractor’s pay loader. 18.02.2010 (10:00 AM) 24.02.2010
(4:00 PM)
26.02.2010 (11:30 AM)
06 February, 2010
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1637-48
Hiring of 05 (five) nos. of Bolero Jeep per day Basis for Piparwar Area. 18.02.2010 20.02.2010
(5:00 PM)
22.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/ Excv/Tender/10/353
Repair/rebuilding of one no.10 Cum Bucket Assy of Marion 182M Shovel 15.02.2010 (10 AM) 17.02.2010
(4:00 PM)
18.02.2010 (4:30 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(C)/Rajrappa/Tender-57 (09-10)/1149
Systematic Maintenance of Rajrappa Pvt. Railway Siding from Rajrappa Washery to Barkipona Railway Station for 12 months under Rajrappa Washery Project 2010-11 (Total Length – 16 KM). 19.02.2010 24.02.2010 (12 Noon) 26.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Dhori GM (D)/SO (E&M)/DA/09-10/765
House wiring of the 70 Units of M.Qtrs. double Storey at Rajendra
Nagar Colony Near Railwacy Station
In r/o of Dhori Colliery.
22.02.2010 24.02.2010 25.02.2010 (4:30 PM)  
Hazaribag PO(T)/E&M/Hiring of Vehicle/Tapin/2010/2825
Diesel Jeep (Closed Body)

18.02.2010  23.02.2010 24.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
05 February, 2010
Hazaribag POP.O.(K) /E&M/ Hiring of Amb/CLOSED BODY/KUGP/292-324
2.Closed Body
22.02.10 24.02.2010 25.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
04 February, 2010
Kathara GM(KTA)/C-2/Tender/ KTA/ 3660
1.Complete repairing/ rewinding of 5 MVA ,33/11KV transformer Sl.No. 12383,Andrew Yuke Make of Regional Sub Station, Kathara. 20.02.2010 25.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 26.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
North Karnpura PE(X)/Dakra/Tender Notice/09-10/363-75 Dated:03/02/10 1.Repairing / Removal of 04 Nos Bearing Axle from S/Off & Grounded Shovel No. EXC-808 and same is to be fitted in Shovel No. EXC-2161 after Removal of failed 04 Nos Bearing Axle at Site of Dakra Project 10.02.2010 19.02.2010 (12 Noon) 20.02.2010 (12 Noon)  
HQ-MM  MM[P]/1.3/Direct Haulage/145/09 1.Direct Haulage, 75 KW Capacity, FLP Type
2.Direct Haulage, 120 KW Capacity, Non-FLP Type
3.Direct Haulage, 150 KW Capacity, Non-FLP Type
  08.03.2010 09.03.2010 (3:30PM)  
03 February, 2010
B&K DCME/E&M/Tender/09-10/9017
Partial rewinding of 3 MVA 33KV/11KV transformer, GEC make S.N. T4369 in respect of Khas Mahal Project, B&K Area”.  09.02.2010 10.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 15.02.3010 (4:30 PM)  
B&K GM(B&K)/SO(MM)/09-10/QUOT/121
Sal Wooden Desk & : 3 ˝ ‘ X 1 ˝ ‘ X 2 ˝ ‘
Bench : 3 ˝ ‘ X 1 ‘ X 1 ˝ ‘
05.02.2010 15.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 16.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4108 -22
Repairing & maintenance of balance 56 units equivalent ‘B’ type quarters at 1BR colony.  22.02.2010 25.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 27.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4160-61
Hiring water tanker 12 KL capacity for suppression along coal transportation Road for coal sale center at Kalyanpur under Piparwar project. 19.02.2010 23.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 24.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(c)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/4076-90
Repair & maintenance of 18 units type ‘A’ (s/s) in Subhash Nagar, KDH, Dakra colony under Ashok.  09.02.2010 12.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 13.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
02 February, 2010
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1602-13
1.Revival / repairing of 0.44kv Panel for Secondary Control of 11kv / 440 volt , 1MVA Transformer at Basant Vihar Colony under Piparwar Project, Piparwar Area.
2.Complete wiring of barracks re-routing hall on 2nd. Floor, 10 nos. toilets, dining hall in VTC building for CISF Camp and repairing of tube light fittings under Piparwar Project.
11.02.2010 13.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 15.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1579-89
1.Tie line making in 11kv OH line of Basant Vaihar feeder to 11kv OH line of Ray Colliery under CGM unit, Piparwar Area.
2.Lighting arrangement at “GURUDWARA” campus at Bachra, Piparwar Area.
11.02.2010 13.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 15.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1590-1601
1.Dismantling of 11kv OH line from Mine No.1, Bachra to Kishore Garrage Chowk at Bachra, Piparwar Area. 11.02.2010 13.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 15.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1614-24
1.Laying of OFC for communication link between 4212 and 4213 substation of CHP-CPP, Piparwar Area.
2.Re-routing for extension of telephone lines / tie lines for Piparwar CHP-CPP, R/Store & Piparwar work Shop at Piparwar Area.
11.02.2010 13.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 15.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Piparwar SO(E&M)/PPR/TN/09-10/1625-36
Electrical wiring repairing of complete 72 Qtr. partially 37 Qtrs and Minor 14 qtr at 122 colony and Hospital colony at Bachra under Piparwar Area. 11.02.2010 13.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 15.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(E&M)/Rep/09-10/756
Complete rewinding/ repairing of Crompton Greaves Motor 530 KW, Sl.No. TVC 498078, 6.6 KV, 1481 RPM of Rajrappa Project 11.02.2010 13.02.2010 (4:00 PM)
15.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
Rajrappa GM(R)/SO(E&M)/Misc/09-10/758

Annual maintenance, operation and guarding of 2 x 1000 GPM, 100m. head pumping system at Bhera river pump house for water supply to CCL, Rajrappa Colony 16.02.2010 18.02.2010 (4:00 PM) 19.02.2010 (4:00 PM)  
01 February, 2010
Piparwar CGM(PPR)/SO(Civil)/PPR/Tender Notice/2009-10/ 4107
Retaining wall with R.C.C. on Coal Transportation Road from Saphi Bridge to Kishore Garage turning under CHP/CPP, PPR. 17.02.2010 20.02.2010 (5:00 PM) 22.02.2010 (12:30 PM)  
HQ (E&M) CCL/ (E&M) (M)/Tender/ 09 -10/ 1177-1201
Installation of energy meters in residential accommodation at Jawahar Nagar Colony. 03.02.2010 15.02.2010 (1:00 PM) 16.02.2010 (3:30 PM)  


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